About Diana

Some of my favourite things are my fur baby (the 3 pound Maltese, Amelia), wine, and chocolate. Mostly in that order. Sometimes chocolate is a bit ahead of wine, and sometimes I just have chocolate wine. I have a few passions, but sleep seems to be the one I’m usually most dedicated to. I love to laugh, eat sushi, and watch Supergirl in my spare time. The winter and I are tentative friends, and my trusty space heater is almost always on, as I am perpetually cold.

My background is in Purchasing, and I enjoy a part-time Mon-Fri office day job. While I love working in an office, I find that there is no space for my imagination. Apart from my desires to help the people in the Edmonton Area have amazing experiences while planning one of the most important days of their lives, Sappho’s Design is also the perfect outlet for my creativity.


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