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Do I need a Wedding Day Manager? – A short series

First of all, what the heck is a Wedding Day Manager? You may be more familiar with the former name – Day of Coordinator. So, why are we calling it a Wedding Day Manager now? Simply put, because that’s what they are! Let me explain.

So, you’ve decided that you want to plan your whole wedding! You want to interview each vendor yourself, because you have time and prefer to know everything that is going on at all times. You are going to come up with your own centerpieces! You love keeping your own timelines and making sure things are done! And to that, I say – YAY! Good for you! Planning a typical wedding from start to finish takes about 250 hours, but it CAN be done without prior experience.

You realized very quickly that you will have to rely on the Internet – most likely Pinterest boards and your local Facebook groups. Both are great resources for getting ideas, and Facebook groups can also be great resources for recommendations and reviews of vendors that you will need to hire and venues you are interested in having your ceremony and reception at.

Your friends and family offer a lot of help. They are crafty, they recommend services they have used, and your cousins sister-in-law is a wonderful hair dresser and willing to give you a discount, hooray!

After months of planning, everything is almost ready, and the big day is fast approaching. You feel confident about the vendors you have hired, the flowers you have chosen, and the centerpieces you have designed.

But, then, you realize one little flaw. How is it all going to come together?

The ceremony site doesn’t have outdoor speakers, who is going to bring them and test the sound, and make sure it works?

The commissioner is going to start off the procession, but who is going to make sure your bridal party has empty pockets, is smiling, doesn’t miss their que, AND doesn’t forget to pause for a picture in the right spot before they start walking down the aisle?

The ceremony site offers chairs, as well as a set up service, but who can be there before the ceremony and make sure they are set up correctly exactly how you want them?

Your photographer is amazing but can’t take pictures and make sure the next group is ready right away at the same time. So, who is going to help them?

You want to re-use flowers from your ceremony in the reception space as decor, but who is going to bring those flowers over and arrange them for you, just how you are picturing?

The DJ is available at 4pm, but does that include set up time, and, if yes, will he be ready by the time you want the doors to open at 5 for your cocktail reception? Who will cue him when you and your bridal party are ready to enter so he can play the correct songs and introduce you all in order?

Who is going to keep your caterers posted on your status so they can properly warm the food until you have arrived and it is time to start serving dinner?

These questions, and countless more that may come up through your planning process and, more often than not only a few weeks before the wedding date, all have one of 2 very simple answers: “The Wedding Day Manager will do it,” or “The Wedding Day Manager will have a solution for who should do it.”

The Wedding Day Manager is the person responsible for making sure all your 250 hours of hard work (or more, if this is your first wedding or you’re not a wedding pro) comes together perfectly. It’s as simple and as complicated as that.

So, let’s go back to question 1. Why the name change?

Well, “Day of Coordinator” implies that we show up on the day of and run the show without any prior work. But in actuality, we need to be involved for at least a month before the wedding day so that we can pull it all off well and, more importantly, exactly the way you would!

“But wait!” you cry, “My sister/aunt/cousin can do that!” And to that, I say...

Tune in next post to find out why that might not be the best idea you’ve ever had.

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